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Insights on Solid State Drives

SSD Innovations

Explores innovative technologies used to improve the performance, endurance and reliability of solid state drives.

ECC and Signal Processing Technology for Solid State Drives and Multi-bit per Cell Flash Memories

Explores the various ECC techniques used in NAND flash memories including BCH, RS as well as the technology, market and competitive landscape for emerging DSP coding techniques for 3-bit and 4-bit per cell flash memories and solid state drives.

Solid State Drive Market and Application Trends

Provides an overview of the performance, cost trends and market and application forecasts for SSDs.


Insights on Flash Memory

NAND Quarterly Insights

NAND flash memory supply-demand forecast published four times a year which includes vendor shipments, wafer capacity, capex, roadmap, cost and application forecasts.

 3-bit per cell/4-bit per cell NAND Flash Memories – Markets and Applications

In-depth analysis of the technology, performance, cost, market and applications for 3-bit per cell and 4-bit per cell NAND flash memories.

 Key NAND Flash Memory Design Intellectual Property

Identifies important intellectual property related to sensing architectures, source voltage noise compensation, programming algorithms, disturbs reduction, temperature compensation, high voltage switch, coding schemes and error correction codes from Hynix, Micron, Samsung, SanDisk, STMicroelectronics and Toshiba.

 Comparison of 3-bit per cell NAND Flash Memories

Compares the 3-bit per cell NAND flash memory architectures of SanDisk/Toshiba, Hynix and Samsung and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each implementation.

 Read Architectures for Multi-bit per cell NAND Flash Memories

Explores the theory, basic circuit elements, timings, and key design features of the conventional interleaved architecture and the all bitline sensing architecture.


Insights on Emerging Memory Technologies

How 3D Memory Stacks Up

Compares the technology, challenges and cost of various 3D memory options including stacked charge trapping technologies from Samsung and Toshiba and 3D memory from SanDisk.

Phase Change Memory Enters a New Phase

Analyzes the technical and market challenges phase change memory faces as it vies to compete with mainstream charge-based memories.

Emerging Memory Technologies

Overview of emerging memory technologies including FRAM, MRAM, PCM, PMC, FBC RAM, nanocrystal, RRAM, cross point, memristor and racetrack memories.


Insights on DRAM

Graphics DRAM – A New Competitive Landscape

With the second largest graphics DRAM supplier having exited the market, graphics DRAM market is in flux as Elpida and Micron target Qimonda’s graphics DRAM market share. This report examines the current status of the graphics card and the graphics DRAM market as well as the competitive dynamics.



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